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I would ask the question, what have we become as human beings when we license and legitimize the practice of another person using foreign objects to reach into a woman’s body to extract and terminate the very process that we were all created by? I consider mother and child as victims of abortion, my problem is with those that provide and perform the abortion, most of the time for profit and enabled by government subsidies!

I would advocate to women that are also citizens with free will, to not seek an abortion. I believe the rest of us, absent of and in spite of government involvement need to help people having a child under tough and unforeseen conditions. The inhumane and violent act of abortion will diminish and hopefully become extinct if demand for it’s services ceases. I advocate against abortion first and foremost.

Currently for all intents and purposes it appears to be settled law, however I would support new laws defining life at conception which I believe would make the act of abortion repugnant to the Constitution and a transgression on the liberty of that life, and thus illegal in some form.

As a people I ask you, what have we become when we sanction an act like this and allow it to become a status quo that feeds an abortion industrial complex that enriches itself and has no business receiving public money?

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