These are the top issues driving my motivation to run but please contact me if you don't see your issue!

Government accountability and exemption

Government seems exempted from so many of the laws and standards it subjects the people to directly and indirectly. I believe all levels of government entities (federal, state and local) should be subject to the same laws and standards it imposes on the people.

Military and Foreign Policy

The current US foreign policy does not keep us safe! It creates enemies and danger to We the People while simply putting some of us now and future generations in unsustainable debt which has weakened our economic security.

Criminal Justice Reform and Jury Nullification

We have too many laws. We create so many technical crimes and incarcerate people when they’ve hurt nobody else. Our government has turned justice over to a police state and prison industrial complex that is not interested in serving the people but instead feeds on the people. I want to see so many laws repealed by all levels of government.

Government spending

Pretty simple, balance the budget! All spending must be cut, domestic, overseas, military and foreign policy, no sacred cows.


There is no authorization for the federal government to prohibit marijuana, this is a matter for the states. Although I believe in an individual’s right to consume whatever they desire to, the misdeed of denying ill people the access to a medical necessity like this that can heal them is the real transgression and trespass against the people and their right to a medical necessity.

The Federal Reserve Bank

I believe most, if not all of our nation’s economic woes are a result of the Federal Reserve banking system. It practically creates money out of nothing that constantly leads to the devaluation of our currency leading to inflation that most Americans can never keep pace with no matter how frugal they are or how much money they attempt to save.


I believe the US Department of Education should be dissolved. I believe all the excessive requirements and administrative burdens by the federal government neutralizes so much, if not most or all of the financial and other resources the federal government subjectively provides local schools. I believe there is no Constitutional authority for. and no return on investment regarding the US Department of Education.

Bankruptcy and Debt

I believe all debt should be should be subject to discharge in bankruptcy court, including all government debt (federal, state and local). Government debt is no different than private debt and should not be allowed to keep people in figuratively debtors’ prisons and virtual debt slavery. Nobody should be incarcerated, have their children taken away, or be forced into an underground economy for failure to pay anyone, especially any government!

The right to bear arms

Another simple position, individuals not incarcerated have the right to be fully armed at all times while on US soil as per the 2nd amendment to the United States Constitution.


Although I wish socialist welfare programs didn’t exist to the degree it does and under the control of the federal government. The current reality is that many real people are subsidized by and even dependent on these various programs for their survival so I don’t believe in abruptly cutting them at all, but I would freeze spending on these programs and identify waste and fraud to better serve the people.


I am open to individual trade agreements with individual nations provided it enriches our country and can be ended at anytime, should we feel it necessary. I am against trade agreements like the TPP. Our government has no business subsidizing any trade or commercial activity of any kind.


Although America has grown with the addition of immigration, we must be pragmatic and it must be for our nation’s gain. We cannot continue to import welfare recipients but undocumented individuals have rights in addition to due process under our Constitution while in America. I don’t wish to engage in a massive manhunt for illegals but we must cease encouraging them with the rewards of the welfare state and other accommodations that trespassers are not entitled to.


I don’t believe it is wise to have any level of government pass laws defining and governing any marriage, and the federal government is not authorized to at all.

Why Libertarian? Why Mike?

The world is far from perfect and I acknowledge that. But it can be better, not through increasing and micromanaging government but by reducing the presence of government in our lives. In my experience the Libertarian Party respects your rights as a unique, independent and competent individual first and foremost.

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