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Bankruptcy and Debt

I believe all debt should be subject to discharge in bankruptcy court, including all government debt (federal, state and local). Government debt is no different than private debt and should not be allowed to keep people in figuratively debtors’ prisons and virtual debt slavery. Nobody should be incarcerated, have their children taken away, or be forced into an underground economy for failure to pay anyone, especially any government!

All levels of administrative and bureaucratic government agencies should be subject to all requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all other state laws governing collection of debts just like private individuals and businesses are required to. If government agencies wish to impose a monetary penalty they should be required to file suit first and obtain a judgment. They should then be bound to the enforcement procedures according to state and federal laws in addition to court rules available in our court system like other creditors must, not in a administrative kangaroo court that bureaucrats essentially control.

Government backed and all student loans should also be subject to discharge in the bankruptcy courts. Although I realize students can receive a degree that can be worth value to them, the practice of keeping these young people in overwhelming debt servitude that they may never be able to pay in a reasonable amount of time is inexcusable. These conditions are further aggravated by the substandard/misleading product many publicly funded colleges provide and the predatory nature of so called student financial aid loans by those in the financial/banking industrial complex. Does this result in possible fraud? Reforms like this may result in less availability of student loans, but that should bring down tuition and raise the quality of the educational product colleges provide through competition in a free market, not a government meddling oligopoly!

I believe many state child support enforcement agencies are essentially rogue entities that in too many instances have been allowed to terrorize/extort parents and attack innocent families, even colluding across state lines. These agencies arbitrarily garnish wages and seize property(and money) without due process in a civil court. These agencies should be dissolved and these matters should default to the jurisdiction of the legally established court system and it's procedures. Not subject to the coercion of administrative law/courts whose employees should perhaps be prosecuted as per the federal RICO statutes like any other mafia crossing state lines? This oppressive and draconian extortion of parents should be subject to discharge in bankruptcy court as well!



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