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Criminal Justice Reform and Jury Nullification

Criminal Justice Reform:
We have too many laws. We create so many technical crimes and incarcerate people when they’ve hurt nobody else. Our government has turned justice over to a police state and prison industrial complex that is not interested in serving the people but instead feeds on people. I want to see so many laws repealed by all levels of government

We have allowed police agencies and jails all over the nation to begin punishment of people before they have had access to due process. Even when someone is simply being held because they are suspected of a crime they are still treated as any other convicted individual serving a jail term, when their rights are all still intact. What goes on in jails across the nation is inhumane when people are subject to physical harm, rape and other coercion from other prisoners. Not to mention governments across the country have engaged in civil asset forfeiture by seizing and profiting from the assets of individuals before they even enter a plea, and our servants in the government initiate this as an accepted and convenient status quo. All these transgressions must be prohibited and public servants that are guilty of causing this kind of injury must be prosecuted and punished for their crimes.

Incarceration for a crime where nobody else or their property was injured should be prohibited, all mandatory minimum sentencing laws (federal and state) should be made illegal, repealed immediately and retroactively so courts may accomplish appropriate outcomes of due process unmolested by overzealous legislators that care nothing for people’s protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

Finally, should sworn servants in our police departments and court system fail to uphold all our rights(and they have failed) juries are the ultimate safeguard. I believe a jury doesn’t just simply judge an individual’s guilt or innocence but it must judge their intent, the law itself and any sentence as well. If there was no intent to commit a crime on the part of the accused and just a technical violation, and if the law itself is unjust and/or comes with an unjust penalty then a jury may find someone innocent and nullify any potential unjust result. It should be required in all courts across the nation that juries should be notified of their right to jury nullification and it should not be prohibited for a defendant to make that case to a jury without any court or government interference or consequences.

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