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I believe the US Department of Education should be dissolved. I further believe all the excessive requirements and administrative burdens by the federal government neutralizes so much, if not most or all of the financial and other resources the federal government subjectively provides local schools. I believe there is no Constitutional authority for, and no return on investment regarding the US Department of Education.

The federal government has no business dictating or influencing curriculum to parents or teachers. Ultimately the children in these public schools should not be literally forced to waive any of their Constitutional rights to attend and participate, or in any way be forced to attend a government school.

I personally believe at a state level there could be a voucher system based on only state funding per student that would allow parents to access the following:

A cash voucher that could be used towards tuition at a private school of the parent's choice.

A voucher that gives a student full access to the public school of the parent's choice.

A cash reimbursement to parents who home school their children.

Most of these matters are in the hands of a state government much more than a US Senator, but removing the federal government from the education equation is the first step towards meaningful reform and restoring parents' rights.

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