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Government accountability and exemption

Government exemption:
Government seems exempted from so many of the laws and standards it subjects the people to directly and indirectly. I believe all levels of government entities (federal, state and local) should be subject to the same laws and standards it imposes on the people.

Government agencies at all levels such as the IRS and state child support enforcement agencies should be required to go through the same civil and criminal court system others have to endure to prosecute or levy penalties on individuals and businesses by showing a court probable cause for their actions. If necessary the courts should provide defense counsel for a defendant in these cases. Bureaucrats terrorizing people outside of and absent of true due process must cease immediately, administrative law and administrative courts at all levels of government should be abolished immediately as they are lacking in Constitutional protections that leads to infringement on rights without proper due process and probable cause.

Government agencies that illegally conduct surveillance on individuals should be considered for termination and it’s employees that participated in the act prosecuted. Although we have laws protecting whistle blowers, those laws are not being upheld or respected by too many in our court system. It appears it's time to examine and strengthen laws protecting whistle blowers.

It should further be enacted that it is allowable to record the actions of any government servant (federal, state and local) and not just cops while interacting with the people or being observed conducting official and public acts. A law should be passed that consent of the government servant or notice to the servant is not required to record them while doing their job. It should be a federal felony if prosecution or force is threatened or carried out by any government servant because they are being recorded, resulting in prosecution of the government servant. Accurate recorded information will lead to accountability of our government servants!

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