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Government spending

Government spending:
Pretty simple, balance the budget! All spending must be cut, domestic, overseas, military and foreign policy, no sacred cows. We must cease the budget gimmickry congress and presidents have fooled so many people with for far too long.

In order to cut the biggest expenditure, military spending, we must scale back the mission of our troops to defending our shipping and travel rights throughout the world along with protecting our states and territories. Military intervention around the world without direct provocation of war and defending/policing other nations is not only expensive but there is no return on investment. The cost of American lives in all this conflict is too high and for that there can never be a return on investment.

Domestically we must hand social services back to the states who are better equipped to deliver those services thus cutting out the cost of a parasitic middleman, known as the federal government. So many federal government agencies and departments can just be dissolved, restoring the individual states as the appropriate stewards of most matters, saving us money and increasing our freedoms!

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