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Although America has grown with the addition of immigration, we must be pragmatic and it must be for our nation’s gain. We cannot continue to import welfare recipients but undocumented individuals have rights in addition to due process under our Constitution while in America. I don’t wish to engage in a massive manhunt for illegals but we must cease encouraging them with the rewards of the welfare state and other accommodations that trespassers are not entitled to.

We must further exercise vigilance in reforming and overseeing the process of lawful immigration. It is too expensive, it takes too long. It deprives and unnecessarily delays the process of productive people immigrating to our nation legally. This federal incompetence and inconsistency has enabled and encouraged illegal immigration that is further rewarded by our system of income/payroll taxation that benefits illegal immigrants and their employers for not respecting our laws while so many of our citizens and businesses suffer directly and indirectly for obeying such laws.

I do not support funding of a wall because I don't feel it will have any kind of significant return on investment towards it's claimed goal. However, I believe it's important to remember, if we don't respect our own borders how can we expect anybody else to respect our borders?

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