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There is no authorization for the federal government to prohibit marijuana, this is a matter for the states. Although I believe in an individual’s right to consume whatever they desire to, the misdeed of denying ill people the access to a medical necessity like this that can heal them is the real transgression and trespass against the people and their right to a medical necessity. Not to mention preventing all the medical advances that could be made by research and development that has been severely hindered by government regulations. Marijuana should be immediately reclassified with the immediate next step of repealing all federal regulation of Marijuana.

The federal government further overreaches when it indirectly restricts marijuana businesses access to our federal banking system by severely limiting their access to legitimate financial institutions with unreasonable related banking regulations. By keeping these businesses on an almost cash only basis when they are a state licensed legitimate business activity only invites and may force or necessitate technical illegal practices by a lawful business?

As more and more states legalize Marijuana in some way or another remember there is still federal law regulating it, the feds are still out there lurking around and I fear some may pounce on innocent people and honest businesses? Let's just take away that option from the federal government!

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