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I don’t believe it is wise to have any level of government pass laws defining and governing any marriage, and the federal government is not authorized to at all.

All individuals may engage in the act of marriage according to their own beliefs, as is their right as consenting adults. Citizens can always enter into a civil contract in their particular state where the only role the government has is that of a record keeper of the contract and courts to settle disputes of the contract if necessary but that should be subject to local jurisdiction.

It must be noted that states have passed laws regarding marriage and laws must apply to all equally, access for all. So if a state does have laws governing marriage it must be accessible by all citizens.

Further, no merchant should be forced or extorted by the state or courts to provide a good or service for someone they don’t wish to for whatever reason they choose, one has freedom to do things they want but freedom to refuse to do things they disagree with whether right or wrong.

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