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Military and Foreign Policy

Military and Foreign Policy
The current US foreign policy does not keep us safe! It creates enemies and danger to We the People while simply putting some of us now and future generations in unsustainable debt which has weakened our economic security.

But the highest cost is on us as a people. Look what we have allowed to be done to our loyal soldiers. While we waste treasure on unnecessary conflict and never ending war that simply lines the pocket of an international military industrial complex, look at the blood that has been shed. We the People have allowed our government to put our loyal servants into a no win situation that has needlessly taken their lives or permanently injured them physically and psychologically, not to mention the military families that have had unnecessary hardships placed on them only to also become collateral damage without being anywhere near the battlefield. I keep hearing statistics like 20+ soldiers commit suicide as a daily average, that's around 7000-8000 per year of our loyal warriors dying by their own hand, not in glorious battle defending our republic, that's around twice as many as the number of Americans that died on September 11th, I think that's something to consider the next time you feel hawkish. Keeping them in a constant state of unnecessary war and conflict is NOT supporting the troops!

It is time to end all military spending in other nations, our military should be charged with protecting our commercial, travel and shipping assets throughout the world and the high seas while protecting our citizens and borders at home. We no longer need to loan out our military to be someone else’s world policeman and another country’s rented or borrowed military.

We the People have allowed our government to misuse, abuse and neglect our loyal soldiers. Our military has not failed us but We the People have failed them, that needs to change immediately, just bring our people home now!

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