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The Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank:
I believe most, if not all of our nation’s economic woes are a result of the Federal Reserve banking system. It practically creates money out of nothing that constantly leads to the devaluation of our currency leading to inflation that most Americans can never keep pace with no matter how frugal they are or how much money they attempt to save.

People mistakenly think raising the minimum wage will solve this but it doesn’t, it just has the potential to make things worse but never helps. It’s not that the minimum wage isn’t high enough but the dollars the wage is paid in have lost and are losing value.

The only solution is to first audit the Federal Reserve to see all the mischief they have caused but to dissolve and terminate it so the US Congress may take back its Constitutional authority regarding our currency.

Once investigated, it may be necessary to prosecute people at and related to the Federal Reserve, as it has acted against the best interest of our economy, people and nation!

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