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Although I wish socialist welfare programs didn’t exist to the degree it does and under the control of the federal government. The current reality is that many real people are subsidized by and even dependent on these various programs for their survival so I don’t believe in abruptly cutting them at all, but I would freeze spending on these programs and identify waste and fraud to better serve the people.

First, all business subsidies and corporate welfare need to be discontinued immediately, and additionally all foreign aid ends now. Further, we must do better to ensure people that have illegally entered our country do not receive welfare dollars meant for our citizens either directly or indirectly at any level of government.

I do not believe the federal government was to have this much personal involvement in the lives of individual citizens, that is the role of the individual states that make up our nation. All control of these social programs should be with state government and should be turned over to them by the federal government. Federal taxes should be cut proportionally so individual states can then tax to fund such programs directly should they decide to, thus cutting out the middleman and serving the people directly by local people, not elites in a faraway capital city!

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