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Why Libertarian? Why Mike?

The world is far from perfect and I acknowledge that. But it can be better, not through increasing and micromanaging government but by reducing the presence of government in our lives. In my experience the Libertarian Party respects your rights as a unique, independent and competent individual first and foremost.

Each election like this We the People are limited to only the 2 choices from the two current major political parties, resulting in either settling for the lesser of two evils or having no choice at all? You the voter, our state and nation deserve better and more choices than just the big government of the neo-conservative Republican party and the neo-socialist Democrat party candidates that come from and/or are chosen by the self proclaimed elitist political class that has failed We the People and cares nothing about changing that, only maintaining a comfortable status quo for the various government industrial complexes that control too much of our lives and feeds on us as a people. Only you the voter can change this path of self destruction. The August primary is the chance you the voter has to vote your true conscience and make a difference to avoid being stuck with two substandard candidates that we don’t support in the November general election. Please consider casting your vote to elect me for US Senator in the upcoming August primary election for the sake of having more choice, vote Libertarian!

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